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PSYCHOTHERAPY – UTOPIA HEALTH SERVICES GROUP Psychotherapy is a general term referring to therapeutic interaction or treatment contracted between a licensed mental health professional and a client or patient, family, couple or group. The...

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PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION PROGRAM Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) also known as Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, is an array of services designed to help an individual to capitalize on personal strengths, to develop coping...

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CLINICAL SUPERVISION (FOR LICENSED GRADUATE MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS) Clinical Supervision is a distinct professional activity that can be defined by Bernard and Goodyear (1998) as: “An intervention that is provided by a senior member of...

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CLINICAL CONSULTATION & PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Consultation is a collaborative process involving two peer or collegial professionals in a non-hierarchical relationship. Consultation can be specified as a problem-solving process that typically...

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