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Clinical Supervision is a distinct professional activity that can be defined by Bernard and Goodyear (1998) as: “An intervention that is provided by a senior member of a profession to a junior or junior members of that same profession. The relationship is evaluative, extends over time, and has the simultaneous purposes of enhancing the professional functioning of the junior member(s), monitoring the quality of the professional services offered to the clients he, she or they see(s) and serving as a gatekeeper for those who are entering the profession.”

Clinical supervision can be a beneficial experience that can enhance the professional growth and confidence of both the supervisor and the supervisee. Keep in mind that the goal of the clinical supervision process, ultimately, is to enhance and support the best clinical skills and lead to improved outcomes for clients.

Utopia Health Services’ Approved Clinical Supervisors (ACSs) offer clinical supervision to Licensed Graduate Professional Counselors (LGPCs) in Maryland that is supportive and educative. The goal of supervision is to improve the application of counseling theory and technique directly with clients.

According to Falender & Shafranske (2004):

  • Supervision is a distinct professional activity in which education and training aimed at developing science-informed practice are facilitated through a collaborative interpersonal process;
  • It involves observation, evaluation, feedback, facilitation of supervisee self-assessment, and acquisition of knowledge and skills by instruction, modeling, and mutual problem-solving;
  • Building on the recognition of the strengths and talents of the supervisee, supervision encourages self-efficacy;
  • The practice of supervision ensures that clinical work is conducted in a competent manner in which ethical standards, legal prescriptions, and professional practices are used to promote and protect the welfare of the client, the profession, and society at large.